Monday, May 4, 2015

No Reason For the Who to Play

Pete Townshend is never going to lie to you about what he feels about his old band. If you read what he's had to say since the 1980s, The Who were over long before they called it quits and he cannot be bothered. He has gracefully played with the band numerous times since folding in 1982 and this was done to keep the others (and probably himself) in financial comfort.

If he's telling you he isn't enjoying what he's doing, he's doing that for a good reason--you lot are sucking the blood out of the man. You're leeches, trying to find one last moment of clarity before the glory days of music disappear forever. No one cares about the new stuff--good God. It's all about the nostalgia. How do you put air in those tires one more time? How do you punch the air in time with the band's eighth road drummer? How do you get excited buying that reissued and remastered live album they've sold to you six times already?

No idea. But if you gave me tickets to go see The Who, I would hand them back to you. No thanks. I missed them when they mattered and I missed them when they were good. I'm not going back down that old road again, and even Pete knows it's all a charade.

More cash, please. And the suckers lined up at the door think they're getting the real thing. Good luck with that. Maybe the enhanced drugs of today can blot out the smell of panic and failure emanating from whoever they hired to run the lighting rig.

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