Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jack White

No one writes the things I want to hear about Jack White:

We're starting to think Jack White doesn't fully grasp the internet. It's not that he doesn't know how to use it to communicate with fans, bring them high-end streaming music with Tidal, sell albums and tickets through various outlets, etc. It's just that things like Third Man Records' lengthy rant against it, "JACK WHITE CLICK BAIT BINGO EXHAUSTION," seems to show a lack of understanding that when a famous person says something interesting or borderline controversial, fans are going to react and writers are going to post about it, sometimes fairly and sometimes not. His high standards for internet discourse and journalism are admirable, but still unrealistic. And call us skeptical, but with Jack's penchant for toying with people pretty evident at this point, we have to wonder how often he loves steering into the skid and saying something sarcastic or, at least, scowling his way through a Cubs game so people will take pictures of him. With that in mind, here's a rundown of White's many run-ins with the internet, whether he's hating on Twitter, getting his private divorce emails and tour-rider guacamole recipe leaked, or penning open letters clarifying offhand comments he made to fans and journalists. It's almost like a little history of how we all had to learn to deal with the rise of online journalism and social media, and all the pitfalls that come with it.

If that para doesn't tire you out, I have a few that will.

First, The White Stripes weren't a band. It was him and her and they played and everything was meticulously documented. If you don't think that those tapes aren't going to continue to trickle out for the next forty years, you're crazy. Everything White has done is leading to the tour where he and her get back together and sell lots of tickets and play. If it happens, good for them. The cash will roll in and there will be more tapes, more releases, and more vinyl. This is how people who were in bands make a living now. They can only make money if they pretend they don't want to play with one another. I never read enough about the bullshit behind driving up the price it will take for a band to reform.

Second, the guy speaks in an unguarded fashion with people as if he trusts them. There are quite a few people willing to abuse that trust in order to have a moment of glory for themselves. For whatever reason, these shitheads have attached themselves to White's music and they fall all over themselves showing people a very douchey side of White. Whenever an artist becomes genuine, someone will always sell the tape for a buck. They got this terrible economy going on and that's what people do. I can't read too many stories about the douchey side of pick your favorite artist.

Third, the guy just wants to make music and get paid. No one has done more to personify how messed up that situation is in the world right now. He's struggling to figure out how to release music in a format people want to hear in a way that will compel them to pay the right amount for it. If there was any justice in the world, we'd give him a pardon for scowling and let him figure out how to make it all work. I definitely don't hear too many other people complaining about this nonsense.

We're the jerks, of course. We're the jerks.

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