Thursday, May 7, 2015

Do Not Play Malaysia

I get that you should always be mindful of other cultures. I get that there are compromises that an artist has to make to reach people in countries that have a more conservative outlook on things, especially around gyrating, crotch-grabbing, and plain old sexy time while the pre-recorded backing tracks play over the sound system.

These are ludicrous demands, by the way:

1. Guys and girls should be segregated on opposite sides of the concert hall.

2. The stage should be segregated too. Female singers shouldn’t perform with male back-up dancers.

3. Performers without “noble personalities” should be banned from performing.

4. No singers with criminal records.

5. Female performers can’t expose their “awrah,” the parts of the body that must be publicly concealed under some interpretations of Islamic law. Under Malaysia’s most common interpretation, this would likely mean wearing a hijab and loose fitting clothes.

6. No jokes that cause “excessive laughter.”

7. No cross dressing.

8. No dancing that provokes lust.

This is not really about some scolds in Malaysia. This is about touring anywhere and everywhere in order to make a buck. If you have an act, put it out there. If there are places that are too conservative for what you do, don't go there. Leave that money on the table for once.

It is up to the people of Malaysia to fix their society if that's what they want. I don't know if there will be Katy Perry revolutions all through the fundamentalist regions of the world, but why not?

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