Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Most Important Story of the New Year

In the year ahead, the most important story isn't about who is up and who is down. It's not about who is going to position themselves for re-election or for the presidency in 2016.

No, the most important thing about today and the year ahead is that a good number of Americans are going to have a little more money in their pockets to spend and take care of themselves and their families. A heartbreaking number of people are going to have a few more dollars to live on and might just have a little less stress and a little more quality of life.

You can't measure what that means--a job that pays just a little more, a little more to go on, a little less to worry about--that's the human condition being understood just a little better.

For the last few years, things have been exceptionally tough for people making the minimum wage in America. In 20 states that aren't batshit crazy and run by howling cranks, life will improve enough for someone somewhere to have a little less heartache and stress. Damn if that isn't something important to note. Shame on all of us for not working harder to make life easier for people who have to work for a living.

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