Friday, January 9, 2015

Social Media is an Obstacle, Not a Panacea

It takes a special kind of talent to be interesting, relevant, and fun on social media. There are relatively few bands that have members or management that can procure this type of skill. Therefore, Noel Gallagher is right--everyone is shit scared of offending people (look what just happened in Paris) and thus, no one wants to be controversial unless they're just trolling for fun.

The solution is to hire a social media professional to run things. The problem is, no one is making any money to pay a social media coordinator and who even knows what that really is? How rock and roll is it to have a social media coordinator anyway? Shouldn't that have been the job of the A&R person who doesn't exist anymore because record labels are either gone or broke or going broke?

Maybe Spotify can kick in some money for social media coordinators. That's rock and roll, baby.

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