Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mark Radcliffe is Tormenting Steve Kilbey

David Bowie and someone named Mark Radcliffe

Oh, that didn't take too long to figure out, now did it?

Steve Kilbey of the Church has better things to do than moderate the hateful, trollish comments left on his blog by Mark Radcliffe. Kilbey is about to tour and support one of the finest albums of the year, The Church's Further Deeper album.

Here, Kilbey details the hateful, absolutely intolerable comments left on his website.

Steve, why do your eldest daughters hate you?
i dunno. but i hear your little dog toto adores you

Your whole life is a lie.
Why don’t you try living up to the values you spout?
Because it’s too hard and you’re too soft.
at least theyre my own lies
your life is stalking your betters on fan pages gushing dribbling and being rude

Steve, why have so many lives been ruined by you?
gee thats kinda general
what about you deejay?

Through a little checking, Kilbey was able to deduce that Mark Radcliffe, a BBC Radio personality, has been the culprit, relentlessly posting nasty things on his blog.

Is this true? Why would the BBC employ Radcliffe if he's out trolling people like this?

Radcliffe needs to take stock of his life and seek professional help.

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