Tuesday, January 13, 2015

He Could Not be Bothered


He’s too busy enjoying his rock-star lifestyle to show up in court.

A Manhattan judge hit Oasis singer Liam Gallagherwith a $5,000 fine for repeatedly missing court appearances in a child-support case with his ex-mistress, freelance journalist Liza Ghorbani.

“Mr. Felder, where is your client?” Justice Laura Drager asked the rocker’s attorney, Raoul Felder, on Monday morning.

Shaking her head in apparent disbelief, Drager described a last-minute doctor’s note — which claimed the “Wonderwall” singer was “anxious and depressed” — as completely “insufficient.”

Ghorbani’s attorney told Drager that he had a photo of Gallagher and his new girlfriend walking arm-in-arm down a London street over the weekend.

“I think it’s offensive,” Ghorbani’s attorney, Ira Garr, said about the “sick” claim. “My client came up from Virginia.”

Liam Gallagher isn't really enjoying anything right now, other than the simple fact he no longer has a band. That may be, in and of itself, the thing he wanted all along. But they will have a field day with that little tidbit in the middle--that Gallagher used a note from a doctor that said he was anxious and depressed to try to get out of an American court date.

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