Monday, January 5, 2015

Give One Artist Everything and See What Happens

I've tried to end this blog several times now, and something about the old music I like keeps pulling me back into this shitty, shitty world.

Taylor Swift, who probably hasn't had a Diet Coke in years, has decided that she needs to have a billion dollars. Good for her. That kind of ambition and desire used to be shared across broad genres in music. You'd have people working for years to attain modest livings and incredible music would be made in the process. In the time it took R.E.M. to go from Chronic Town to Document, Taylor Swift has made herself the most powerful person on Earth who still makes music and isn't named Beyonce. And we're supposed to complain about the fact that she uses advertising revenue to make up for the fact that nobody buys albums anymore.

I realize Gawker is an elite thinking person's blog but, damn, son. Nobody pays for music anymore. Advertising revenue is mandatory now. And music all sounds the same because no one can dare take a risk on spending the money needed to create 11 or 12 songs people will actually buy.

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