Monday, December 29, 2014

There Are 17 Ringo Starr Albums

Is there anyone who actually owns all 17 of Ringo Starr's studio albums? Who is this superfan and how can they be avoided?

Assuming there are at least ten songs on each one of these albums, which probably exist in a mystical ether that lives between nowhere and what the hell, that means there are already 170 songs out there that Ringo recorded. And released. And that means there are record company executives who signed off on such things and paid money for them (allegedly). Did they make money? I would have to guess that, in order to get to album number three or four, some of them had to make money.

And now he's putting out an 18th album? Really? This is how you know you're living in hell. There are only two viable Stone Roses albums and there are now going to be 18 Ringo Starr albums. And I arrived at that using science, of course.

Did Ringo make his fifteenth record and say fuck it and retire? Hell no. He kept going. That's the mark of a dedicated artist.

If you polled the American people, and asked them how many Ringo Starr albums they owned, I think the responses would be underwhelming and embarrassing to report.

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  1. I am that superfan... and that number needs to be updated; he's come out with even more since when this was written.