Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Simple Minds Promised You a Miracle Covers

There are plenty of things to like about these releases from Simple Minds. I threw in the promo copy just to try to be a bit of a completist, but so what?

The single, Promised You a Miracle, is not something I have thought about in recent years, and this is less about the single, more about the specific care of the art direction and the effort put into these sleeves. You're seeing the cover of the twelve inch single and the cover and back of the seven inch single. This is, of course, a little bit before the advent of the compact disc single.

As far as pop music singles being a throwaway, this is definitely not what you would call cheap, temporary, or done haphazardly. These covers are vastly different affairs showing a great deal of design maturity and skill. I love the colors, the distressed appearance, and the use of typography.

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