Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Hubris of What is Left of Pink Floyd

Lazy band dumps the remainder of tracks from a session held nearly 20 years ago, calls it a new album, everyone rapturously praises them for their artistic integrity.

Sound familiar?

Pink Floyd have emptied the bins, tidied up what they could, left it to some schmo to edit it all into something called an album, and that's the end of that. Buy it, consumer. Covet it, fool. Ignore the criticisms--it's a new Pink Floyd album, you idiot!

What a shame.

Somewhere, a marketing guru is lamenting the fact that this is the "last" album because, surely, there are dusty tapes from the 1980s that could be slapped into shape and released in ten years, don't you think?

If Pink Floyd had tried this trick in the 1970s, people would have correctly assumed that this is a fraud and a waste of time. But if you do it when there's no music coming out, when no one can put their hands on anything new or exciting, and when there's money to be made, well. The media goes along with the pretense that this is anything but a cash grab.

Do you seriously think anyone in Pink Floyd needs any cash at this point? Really?

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