Friday, October 24, 2014

It's Complicated

I wouldn't look to statements like this and expect any real acknowledgment of the disaster that Songs of Innocence brought to Apple. At the end of the day, U2 gets to keep a lot of money and Apple gets to hear the complaints from people who didn't want their device to be encumbered with songs they never asked for. Apple has to be smarting from the fact that people made a fuss about getting rid of something they were given for free. You can be rest assured--they want that next Beyonce album for free, but they won't get it.

The album has been an artistic failure from the outset. It's boring and overcooked and none of the songs are catching on. This is the real indicator of what's happening. U2 just went on Later...With Jools Holland and didn't play the Joey Ramone song. They have moved on from that. They're into saving the album with the next single apparently.

Saying that 26 million people have "engaged" with it is a misnomer and it is, in fact, payola. U2 was paid a lot of money by Apple for an album that was delivered to users free. That's money in exchange for exposure and downloads and play time. No other artist was afforded the chance to do this and let their work sink or swim on the merits.

It is, no doubt, painful to spend five years making a U2 album and end up with what was delivered. It's just as frustrating to wait that long--a lifetime--for a record that wasn't worth waiting for.

And just so you know I'm trolling, remember this--no one cares about the album. They will go to the shows and the tour ahead will probably be very successful. The sad thing is, no one wants to hear the new stuff.

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