Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Irish People Are Desperate to Hear Anyone Instead of U2

Holy cow, Ireland.

Garth Brooks has criticised the handling of his five concerts in Dublin after they were cancelled earlier this week.

Last week, Dublin City Council granted permission for only three concerts in Croke Park. All five were called off on Tuesday.

Brooks was addressing a news conference in Nashville and said he "didn't have a clue how we got here".

"Don't sell a show to people, get their hopes up and then just cancel."

He said that the "powers who can fix it" should "open it up for the five nights, let everybody have fun and then go to work on never letting it happen again".

The problem here is that the Irish remember their history. They should have followed the precedent of Croke Park and allowed only three shows. U2, for example, have made it a habit to play Croke Park and drive everyone crazy with live versions of songs that no one likes.

Vertigo Tour· 2005-06-24 - Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park (24 songs)· 2005-06-25 - Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park (25 songs)· 2005-06-27 - Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park (26 songs)

360° Tour· 2009-07-24 - Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park (24 songs)· 2009-07-25 - Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park (23 songs)· 2009-07-27 - Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park (23 songs)

If you go to that link and read the statistics, they've played Vertigo nine times and All I Want is You only once. Their sets go on forever--many of those songs run on for six or seven minutes while Bono ad libs at the end, drawing them out so everyone in the band can take a break.

I know. WTF?

By bringing in Garth Brooks this year, the Irish people were desperate to keep U2 from playing later this year to promote an album they aren't releasing in order to make up for their tax dodging ways. Brooks was the savior of the people, and look how they've treated him. Very shabby. To my knowledge, Brooks has only lost his mind once and pretended to be a pop star. Bono--twenty-five years or more now, and there are no signs of letting up. 

Brooks has never crawled out of a lemon and he doesn't play Vertigo, so you can see why everyone is upset. If he doesn't play Croke Park, get ready for three more performances of Vertigo and a whole lot of Pop and No Line on the Horizon songs no one wants to hear.

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