Friday, June 20, 2014

The Money Never Goes to the Artists

You can be well assured--the streaming services will make money. If they don't, they'll fold quickly. The people who exploit the value of handing out music for free always get paid. Artists, nope.

We've seen this debate a thousand times--in order for a streaming service to make money, they have to deliver content that doesn't cost them anything. Their profits are derived from whatever they can get people to pay, and then they will break that down and pay the artists a pittance to keep it legal.

A handful of artists will see money, but the costs involved in recording and marketing their music will justify the large payouts (think of Daft Punk as the perfect example of this). However, if you're an independent artist and you're just making an album because you've been away for a while, you're going to get screwed by streaming services. They'll pay you fractions of a penny for plays. They'll make money while pretending to give you what you've earned.

It's all a scam, and it will always be a scam. Music for free means everyone but the artist gets paid.

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