Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Morrissey Cancels His U.S. Tour

One would hope that living in California would be good for a person's health:

Morrissey has cancelled the remainder of his US tour after being treated in hospital for a respiratory infection.

The former Smiths singer was in the middle of a 30-day tour when he was "rushed" to hospital in Boston on Saturday, according to a statement.

The medical attention "was not enough to shake off the virus, the recovery time for which is too lengthy to meet the final nine shows of the tour".

Morrissey cancelled 22 US concerts last year due to ill health.

His ailments included pneumonia, an ulcer, the throat condition Barrett's oesophagus and anaemia.

A statement on Morrissey's Facebook page said: "It is with great sadness that the remainder of the US Tour has been cancelled.

You buy your Morrissey tickets now with a faint glimmer of hope, I guess. No one will be left holding the bag, but this will definitely affect future sales and that's a shame.

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