Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mine

This is the cover and the reverse of Midnight Oil's Blue Sky Mine (Food on the Table Mix) single, and, if I had known about this in 1990, I would have bought it and played the hell out of it. I played the album Blue Sky Mine relentlessly, loving the whole thing. To me, they were as good as anyone else and I've been coming back around to their albums, trying to find the gems out there.

Which were plentiful, don't get me wrong. Australia's greatest band, bar none, and the one that mattered. This was the big single of a new decade, closing out the 1980s and following their biggest album, Diesel and Dust. I thought this was every bit as good if not tighter and more focused and positively full of tension.

How did they do it? I have no idea. A Midnight Oil album is unlike anything you will ever hear. No one ever said "oh, they sound just"

Who, exactly?

I still can't come up with an answer.

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