Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sonic Youth Reconsidered

Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth has given an interview, and it's worth listening to because she was in an important band before it ended.

In case you're wondering, Sonic Youth ended a while ago when her marriage to Thurston Moore ended as well. This was a band that I should have totally gotten into but I never did.

I tried. I remember when Daydream Nation came out--massive independent album. Critically acclaimed, highly regarded, and I bought the CD when I was in between high school and college.


There are a slew of Sonic Youth albums and I own none of them. And I love distortion, fuzzy takes, aggressive music, and shoegaze. I love a lot of that stuff.

Sonic Youth?

Someone else cares. I don't.

I respect their legacy from a cultural point of view, and that's about it. Musically, I'm weird that way. Don't care about Sonic Youth. No interest in Wilco. And I still don't get Muse, either.

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