Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Been Dead Forever

The death of rock and roll happened one more time:

Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno has said he wants the bands new album to inspire a new generation of rock 'n' roll bands, as he thinks the genre is dying out.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Pizzorno said he thinks there aren’t many rock bands left and that he hopes the experimentation on his group's new album '48:13' will help push new bands to look to the future.

"It's weird to think of ourselves as one of the last rock 'n' roll bands around," he said. "But it's important because there just don't seem to be many left.

The statement "there just don't seem to be many left" is misleading because of the commercial preferences of whoever is still buying music. There are plenty of rock and roll bands making music--Beady Eye would be the one that most readily comes to mind but Pizzorno is probably conscious of the fact that they are a competitor for the scraps left on the table. What about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Kaiser Chiefs? What about everyone playing Glastonbury? Aren't they all able to claim some relationship to rock and roll?

Music labels are dead. The business is impossible to navigate. The industry of rock and roll is floundering. The people who want to make that music are just fine.

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