Thursday, May 29, 2014

Exene Cervenka Has Lost Her Mind

The gist of this article is, "Exene Cervenka is now a crazy wingnut conspiracy theorist." I don't know how fair that is, but, goodness, the woman does appear to have lost it.

Judging whether or not someone is crazy by looking at their Twitter feed is about the most dubious thing you could do with your time. It is not an indication of anything really. For all we know, she might be trolling people or having a laugh or perhaps the pool boy or someone who is really nuts got a hold of her account.

And, by the way, it's not a verified Twitter account, so it could be totally bogus. Cervenka only has five thousand followers? Really? That many people will see her in a week of shows, at least. Come on.

Here's a rather reprehensible post:

That's merely a sampling of the crackpot tweets. There are anti-fracking tweets as well--and we know there's something to the notion that fracking is causing environmental hazards and earthquakes. Then there are tweets that are from her life--no surprises there.

This is what's sad, though:

Cervenka is a truther about Sandy Hook? Really?

Never actually read what people you like have to say is the lesson here, I guess.

Cervenka's anti-Obama tweets are at odds with where she was in 2009, however:

The country's best inauguration party Tuesday night turned out to be in the other Washington: At Seattle's tiny Tractor Tavern club, the Knitters (the rootsy side band led by X's John Doe and Exene Cervenka) played a Americana-soaked barnstormer of a show — complete with a guest appearance by Eddie Vedder. "Whenever anyone's being a cynic and an asshole, saying it's just gonna be the same old thing, do me a favor and tell 'em to fuck off," Doe told the crowd, in one of the evening's many happy references to the day's events. Then he invited Vedder onstage to duet with Cervenka on a gleefully frenzied version of X's 1983 tune "The New World," with its sardonic lyrics about another election: "It was better before they voted for what's his name."

Vedder, who had managed to blend in to the crowd (which also included his Pearl Jam bandmates Jeff Ament and Mike McCready) with his hair tucked into a big black knit cap, was in a mood to celebrate: He pounded out the beat on Doe's back with his fists, slow-danced with Cervenka, and played air guitar while the Knitters' Dave Alvin (formerly of the Blasters) finished the song with a lengthy solo that incorporated both Chuck Berry licks and what sounded like part of "The Star-Spangled Banner." "Thank you, man in the black hat," Doe said.

Judging someone based on their Twitter feed is problematic at best. My guess is that Cervenka is at a point where her audience and her opinions are changing and there's no point trying to project things onto people who have evolved and changed over the years. The world is never going to run out of crazy people but it has never come up with a foolproof way of figuring out who they are every time.

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