Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Commemorating a Dud

In order to wring money out of a dried teat, Pink Floyd's remaining controlling elements have seen fit to put out a deluxe version of The Division Bell, which is the most forgettable album of 1994 and perhaps the entire 1990s.

Who has been demanding this? Who pounded conference room tables and made the underlings run off in all directions, trying to find the filler that comprised this release? I would absolutely question how much "Pink Floyd" is actually on the album. There may be a smattering of Richard Wright here and there and a healthy amount of guitar soloing from a bored David Gilmour, but don't tell me Nick Mason did ALL of the drumming and percussion. I refuse to believe it.

This may very well be the album where less than half of Pink Floyd ever bothered to show up, if at all. It's album by committee. When the album was reviewed by the sycophants at Rolling Stone, they could barely summon two and a half stars for it and spent half the review talking about something else. Jeeee-zus.

Yes, it was fun to be able to go see the bloated carcass of the band drag itself through stadiums and play the old hits alongside the dreck that constituted the songs from this album. But, please explain to me how that warrants a massive deluxe edition? How is it that there is no shame left?

Can you imagine Led Zeppelin doing this with CO/DA? Or The Who trying this crap with It's Hard? Or the Rolling Stones doing this with Steel Wheels? Good God. Have some dignity and let it go.

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