Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Fans Are the Worst

The Replacements have finally decided that there's nothing they can do about playing in the Twin Cities. 

The legendary Minneapolis rock band has announced that it will perform its first headlining concert in 20 years at St. Paul’s Midway Stadium on Sept. 13. The concert, which promises special guests, will be the Replacements' first headlining show since staging a free concert at Grant Park in Chicago on July 4, 1991.

Will the show even happen? Probably.

Will it be loud, fast, raucous and disappoint the poseurs? Sure.

But if it happens, it happens, and I hope they make a ton of money and can go live happy lives. I didn't think they would do it--the baggage is too much.

They owe nothing to nobody and the fans in Minnesota, God they're the worst. They bitch and complain and don't support anyone who's from there. I won't go, and I wouldn't mind seeing them somewhere else. But if they don't play a certain obscure song, it will be a betrayal, you know, and they're not the same without Chris Mars or some stupid shit like that.

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