Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't Play Coachella

First it happened to the Stone Roses, and now it has happened to the Replacements.

Coachella. What a fucking debacle.

If you're in a great band, or if you were in a great band, and if you go away for a while and try to come back, don't play Coachella. The kids, they just don't know and they just don't care. They're not there for anything called music. They're there for VIP treatment and to be seen by others.

The Replacements are just too far gone and too far removed from music to do what they're doing at a place like Coachella. They should do the smaller festivals and hope the people come out in droves, which they goddamned should for this band. Coachella does not bring the people who appreciate them. It brings the staggering indifference of a generation addicted to sarcasm and personal space.

Oh, and this bullshit is why they're trying to put off playing in Minneapolis:

stthomasfinnApr 12, 145:25 pm

Psychopharmacology is a Westerberg solo song, which is weird.



veegezApr 12, 145:58 pm

Nice. Not sure what they are waiting for as far as a Minneapolis show is concerned. It's not like people aren't waiting for this...



orono77Apr 13, 149:47 am

Sorry, without Chris Mars there is no reunion. He was, is and always will be thesoul of the band.

God, what a world. A great, great band gets back together and nobody throws anything but bullshit and indifference at them.

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