Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Spam Bots on Twitter Finally Get Their Due

Much of what happens on social media when it comes to music is just Spam. People post music videos without commentary, endlessly, trying to garner attention or followers. They endlessly use their fake Twitter accounts to tweet and re-tweet things that are "cool" and the links bring them followers.

Why would you measure what is obviously Spam and faked in a way to increase the phony value of a fake social media account? They say that one in ten Twitter accounts are fake. An estimated 697 million people signed up for Twitter and haven't used it in months.

The real value would be to measure only the tweets of people from verified accounts. The unverified masses re-tweet garbage all day long, fruitlessly trying to find a way to wring some money out of a medium that is overflowing with phoniness.

Do you know what would add value to this? If Twitter were to wipe out fake and abandoned accounts, hey, then you might have something.

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