Friday, February 7, 2014

The Big Day Out is a Bust

I'm willing to bet that there are dozens of Australian money men who will come back next year and leap at the chance to lose $8 million (AUS) dollars on a touring festival most bands can't be bothered to come and play.

There's a real hole in Australian music right now. Who's the number one Australian band in the world? When was the last time you could point to someone like INXS and say, 'they're the biggest' and not have people throw things at you? By default, you'd have to go with AC/DC and then the Little River Band. The problem is, these are acts from the 1970s. After that, you could make the case for Jet, Wolfmother, and a few others but then you're wandering out in the bush. Kylie Minogue? Where are we going with this?

If the Australian music industry was healthier, more people would come to see bands at a festival. Or perhaps not--maybe the weather was a factor this year.

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