Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Police Wrapped Around Your Finger EP

When The Police were wrapping up that monstrosity called Synchronicity, their singles and EPs were forgotten; all anyone remembers is the album. No one remembers the gems that were scattered across multiple releases, like this 12" single, which was designed to keep the momentum going while they toured the world and pushed the biggest album of their career. There are no throwaways here; every track is a classic version.

It's hard for me to think of this as a single; properly, it is more of an album track. But the whole thing was a juggernaut. There could have been seven singles from this album, easily.

The artwork is also worth the price alone. Their covers were handled by the best in the business and the marketing scheme behind Synchronicity was as simple as it was complex; three swishes of paint, primary colors, and only use the best shots from what had to have been a miserable series of photo sessions.

If you can find this, keep it.

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