Thursday, January 30, 2014

Obscurity Knocks

Bruce Broughton is upset, but, really, the people who should be upset are the ones who didn't have their work judged fairly this year. Broughton's song was elevated from obscurity because of favoritism and bullshit. The merits of the song notwithstanding, the decision to take away the nomination comes from a place where you simply can't get away with everything all the time.

The thing is, the Oscar, which is the award that is the most coveted, is part of a sham and a conspiracy among powerful industry insiders. You don't get one unless you're a somebody they like and want to give it to. Merit means nothing. The only reason why Broughton was even nominated is because of the E-mail you can read about here. He is not "one of them" and the system has rebelled against the idea that an outsider might be elevated by his mistaken association.

Should he have been nominated? No, but the Academy got it right.

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