Monday, December 16, 2013

Songs From the Real World

Songs From the Real World is a new release by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy. This is an entire album of songs commissioned and paid for by fans. This is a unique artisanal work; it is in the finest tradition of patronage for the arts and expressing real love for an artist.

Now, what's this about needing gift ideas?

Written and recorded by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy. Additional instrumentation on ‘More of the Same’ by David Spall. Album artwork by Steve R Dodd.Many thanks to all our commissioners. Special thanks to Steve R Dodd and Kay Smith

1. For All We Lack
2. Naomi And Maya
3. A Short Song About Eternity
4. Tomoko
5. A Song For Kris
6. Emerald Lake
7. Lucy
8. Holly
9. Transformation
10. Life’s Sweet Decay
11. Anastasia And Jens
13. Elly
14. My One
15. More Of The Same

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