Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Katie Couric is Shilling for the Science Deniers

Seth Mnookin deserves the credit for exposing Katie Couric's rapidly declining media gig as a front for the anti-science crowd. And I really can't add anything to what he's done to destroy Couric's reputation.

I do think there is a mindset that has taken hold--my kid is special and so am I and vaccines are the problem because we were perfectly healthy already and couldn't possibly have anything wrong with us. This is prevalent with wealthy people who are desperate to erase their common origins and relationships to the poor and the unwashed masses. If you are an East Coast media elite personality, everything about you and your kids is beyond special. If there's anything wrong, it HAS to be a vaccine or some other contaminant that got into your exceptional universe.

Your kid isn't special and neither are you. We are the sum total of our genetic makeup. Vaccinate your kids like everyone else, otherwise, they're going to mingle with the human population and get sick and die. It's really that simple.

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