Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How Dumb is Chris Cillizza?

We're already talking about 2014? Okay, then.

Chris Cilizza is dumb on purpose. How could he possibly know which ad is going to cause the country to send more obstructionist, crazy Tea Party Republicans to Congress? Cilizza forgets three things that negate everything he's saying.

One, we just saw what happens when you elect Republicans. The government shuts down and the economy takes a hit--all in the name of accomplishing nothing. Republicans cannot govern or lead. The American people have been made hip to this in ways which, demographically speaking, should spell disaster for the idea of accomplishing anything next year based on an ad. For the Republicans, they need a massive game changing event, not a marketing plan based on something as self-defeating as ending government spending.

Two, there was a thing called "You didn't build that" which should have ended the Obama presidency with the election of Mitt Romney. How'd that turn out?

Three, the American people actually like government spending. They like getting their Social Security and their other benefits. They have been manipulated into thinking that Democrats want to give everything away for nothing. As soon as you explain this to people, they tend to vote for the guy who makes it a part of his agenda to keep Grandma from eating catfood and moving back home.

How dumb can you get? Well, you can get Chris Cilizza kinda dumb, that's for sure.

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