Wednesday, December 18, 2013

End Credit Checks on Prospective Employees

Senator Elizabeth Warren is actually doing something on behalf of freedom and fairness--a rare novelty in a world where the only entities who get anything do so through cheating and bribery. This is what a Senator ought to be doing--standing up for working Americans by delivering a tangible protection of their privacy and freedom.

There definitely should be limits on the information that can be shared or divulged about people. The disappearance of privacy is a direct result of The Patriot Act and all of the nonsense that has gone into denying freedom to Americans solely to keep them from being attacked by terrorists. One of the fun things about The Patriot Act is that they decided to add in some bullshit about not being able to buy certain kinds of cold medicine because criminals were using it to make crystal meth.

Well, there's still no shortage of crystal meth, is there? But I'll be damned if I can get Sudafed when I need it. Thanks for what little freedom I can enjoy.

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