Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Michael Nesmith is Still a Difficult Pain in the Ass

This article does not change my mind about Michael Nesmith.

An artist and a performer? Yes. But he still seems like a pretentious pain in the ass to me.

It's sad that the death of Davy Jones has been the thing to rekindle the fading interest in the Monkees as a "band" or as a show experience. Somewhere along the way, Nesmith seems to have equated himself with John Lennon. Whether that is valid or not is a matter of opinion.


  1. Srsly? The man is a gifted artist. He had other projects already in the hopper when the other group members asked if he was interested in going out on the road. He was already committed in other areas, but agreed to play when they were in the area.

    How does that make him pretentious? He is a prolific artist, always was.

    If you have nothing to back up your statement, then it is not at all valid.

    1. “We made a new album with him, he toured Great Britain with us then all of a sudden he’s not here. Later I hear rumours he’s writing the script for our next movie. Oh really? That’s bloody news to me. He’s always been this aloof, inaccessible person. The 4th part of a jigsaw puzzle that never quite fit in.” ~ Davy (‘singer and skilled tambourine player) on Mike’s departure from the ’97 tour

  2. Are you kidding me?

    "“Carole and Gerry were giants; American writers. Mike – whose ego was bigger than anybody’s – probably said, ‘Great’. He never appreciated what I did, because I don’t let a lot of people write with my writers. I did everything so he would conform, but it didn’t work.” ~ Don Kirshner on setting Mike up to write with Carole and Gerry – The Monkees Liner Notes, 2006"

    “It was a bit of a peace pipe that I thought was palatable, or I wouldn’t have done it. To get him from being more of a pain in the ass than he was, I wanted him to do his thing. If what he played me was awful, I wouldn’t have done it.” ~ Don Kirshner on giving Mike a producing session – The Monkees Liner Notes, 2006