Friday, June 22, 2012

People Like Barbara Scaff Have Been Brainwashed

David Lowery, Musician and Professor

Honestly, why do they let people speak out like this? What nonsense:

On "NPR intern has 11,000 songs, paid for few"Barbara Scaff: "(Musicians) deserve to get paid, but do they deserve millions upon millions upon millions? NOPE. The rest of us schlubs have to deal with min. wage or being underpaid, why should people who SING for a living get a break from that? And please keep it real, they are still raking in money from perfume sales, magazine covers, movies, selling pics of their babies, and other ridiculous JOBS. I'm supposed to feel sorry for someone who might not have AS MUCH money as they use to but still wears shoes that cost as much as a house payment WHILE people fighting for our freedom, putting out fires, doing backbreaking labor all have to deal with $23,000 or less a year? Get real."
The notion that there are a vast number of spoiled and "rich" musicians out there is a fallacy. The "free" movement from the 2000s brainwashed a lot of people into thinking "free" meant that artists were going to get paid. It was a neat trick--the defenders of stealing the intellectual property of others mounted a massive campaign to put this notion out there that somehow, magically, and without anyone really knowing how, artists were going to make more money by giving away the one thing they could sell to people.

Artists are not getting paid, and artists are leaving the music business in droves. Despite the fact that there are a lot of "releases" out there, those releases are from people who either have no chance at selling a lot of records and don't care or are from people who haven't figured out that there's almost no way to make a living playing and recording music anymore.

Instead of listening to me, read this ENTIRE article by the great David Lowery. There are people killing themselves because their livelihood has been destroyed by the very ideas and attitudes espoused by the woman who is quoted above.

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