Sunday, April 29, 2012

Morrissey I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris Covers

There are so many things to admire about this set and how it was designed.

Morrissey's approach to putting out music is exceptionally well rooted in all of the things that go with being a modern artist in the music world. His choice of songs and presentation are without equal. His style is uniquely his own and there is nothing derivative about what he chooses to do. His care with how his music gets out has survived the demise of the record industry. He is a consistently engaged and evolving artist. And when he puts something out, it is not junk. It is not filler. He will identify such things to his fans and ask them not to partake of anything that isn't up to his high standards.

This package is typical of a Morrissey release. Great song, great B-side, and a photo of his band to boot. What more could you want?

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