Friday, January 13, 2012

The Stranglers La Folie Covers

Every time I think I've run out of ideas, I remember that there are, literally, thousands of posts out there that are waiting to be written.

The Stranglers were accused of running out of ideas numerous times but that was never really proven true. They are still at it, getting ready to release a new album this spring called Giants. Hugh Cornwell continues on a tear--producing fantastic solo work and touring Europe this spring as well. If you can, support these artists wherever possible.

La Folie arrived as a transition album; they were leaving the 70s well behind them and they were escaping the punks. The punks evolved and a few even followed the band into the pop era of the 1980s. And, no wonder--the Stranglers owned a significant chunk of the charts whenever they released something, no matter how it was received. They could tour Europe and play to appreciative crowds whenever they felt like it.

And so, this album smacks of the collision between commerce and art. The cover is difficult, but not too difficult. The dreamy, watery portraits and the nearly illegible writing would probably make a marketing student complain, but oh well. It worked then, and it works now. This is the reissue package; I would think that there will be a more comprehensive set of reiussues in the future. The Stranglers think nothing of dropping triple albums on their fans, and their fans eat them up.

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