Thursday, January 19, 2012

Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 Goodnight Oslo

A very intriguing package from Yeproc Records arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. I had missed this release due to being an idiot or whatever. I usually don't miss a Robyn Hitchcock album, but I think this came with a slew of other things and his box sets and all that.

My enthusiasm for the Venus 3 projects wanes considerably when I consider the inclusion of Peter Buck. I realize he's there to help Robyn add some guitar to the tracks and provide some contrast, but I prefer Tim Keegan or pretty much anyone else. In fact, I'd rather just have Robyn playing guitar. I don't know when I began to realize that Peter Buck is just a talented guitarist who just can't be bothered to try anymore. Fifteen years ago, maybe?

This package is wonderful, nonetheless and in spite of my complaints. The songs are the most important part of it, and a batch of Robyn's songs are always worthwhile. I think the design of this works quite well.

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