Monday, November 28, 2011

The Church Temperature Drop in Downtown Winterland

This is an EP that I looked for, years ago, to no avail. A rarity and a treasure in its own right, this EP was deleted in the early 1980s and I reconstructed it through the purchase of The Church's very, very excellent Hindsight album. The track titled "The Golden Dawn" was the B-side that appeared on that compilation, along with a few others.

Temperature Drop in Downtown Winterland is a rarity for another reason--it's the only Church release to have an awful cover. Every single release by The Church has always had a fantastic cover. This one? Ugh. And whose idea was it to use that razorblade anyway? It looks like someone with the shakes went to work with a knife on the artwork. Very edgy and cool for the 1980s, and the Australian music market, but not the sort of thing that stands up very well.

Sing Songs is the penultimate EP from the Church, by the way.

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