Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love and Rockets Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven Covers

This was certainly not the sort of thing you would expect to be dated all the way back to the year 1985. This is not "Eighties music" and this is not the sort of plastic throwaway stuff they made by the dumpster load back then. This is special music.

All of the Love and Rockets albums are special. This, being the first, is where they left Bauhaus and all of their side projects in the dust and created something that has stood the test of time. I dare you to put this on and not hear how relevant and immediate it is to listen to now. It is a timeless record, this Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven. There is tension and suspense in these songs, and they expand and drive away with the plot. What a band. And what a courageous move they made, abandoning the gothic imagery and going forward with their subsequent releases. Love and Rockets never made the same album twice, and every one of them was made on a dare with no safety net.

These covers are for the reissue and the re-release. The original, if I'm not mistaken, was a simple blue affair with the heart and rocket logo and the name stamped on the front.

This will lead to blissful, repeated listening.

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