Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Vinyl Renaissance

Radiohead are leading the renaissance of vinyl, and with good reason.

When you combine a great set of songs with the vinyl format and put it out in a package like this, you are all but guaranteeing that people will want it, keep it, listen to it, and treasure it. Now, this is true for the other artists that are selling a lot of vinyl copies of their latest release, not just Radiohead. But, think of it this way--if Radiohead inspires just a few thousand hipsters to dig out their turntables, dust off their crates and records, and start consuming music in this fashion, who's to say that there can't be a doubling of vinyl sales next year, especially if the music and the fan can be brought together?

Want to get paid? Sell albums. Sell enough and that could sustain an artist. No digital downloads, and trust your fans to rip MP3s for personal enjoyment only. Artists HAVE to get paid. This isn't about crass commercialism. This is about supporting families and a lifestyle that isn't conducive to a regular working life.

So much for that plastic thing in the plastic case that sounds flawless but dead.

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