Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pete Astor Injury Time

Compilations are supposed to look messy; are they for the fans or are they for the casual buyer?

Well, if someone comes across this, and buys it not knowing what kind of artist Pete Astor is, they will get a welcome surprise. Some of these songs are classics; many of them are just damned good.

The cover is the problem here. It's too much like a snapshot; too junky for my taste. Note the disconnect--the title uses the shorter "Pete" and the poster for his show inside the venue uses "Peter." It's a fairly grainy image and it's composed of the cars, the motorcycle, the small building, and the various elements just don't present much in the way of explaining what's promised inside. I think it's supposed to suggest modesty--look at the small venue I once played. Which is fine. I get where it comes from. It should have chased something a little bigger.

I think that the use of memorabilia and all that works on the inside, but a cleaner, easier-on-the-eyes cover would have drawn a few more of those casual buyers. That in turn, would have maybe turned more people on to Astor's music, which is all I care about.

Definitely go find this and acquire it. Twenty great songs on one CD? That's an instant purchase.

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