Monday, August 1, 2011

Nina Gordon Bleeding Heart Graffiti Covers and More

Someone anonymous stopped by last week and left a lovely comment on my previous Nina Gordon post (it's from months and months back) and so I was able to cobble together these five images.

Her Bleeding Heart Graffiti package is much more in tune with who she is as an artist. There's none of that Britney Spears crap, none of that phony image creation at work. Here's a confident artist doing what she does, and the album cover certainly works. It's a fabulous blend of art on a portrait, blended just the right way.

I've add the cover of the Kiss Me Til it Bleeds single, and one more portrait from this era, and these follow the same confident path. What are you supposed to do when you look like this? Show up wearing a garbage bag and too much mascara? These images seem to be saying, look, here I am, here are the songs.

That always seems to be the best way to go, especially for an artist of this caliber. Now that recording artists can eschew the record labels and mold and form their own images and make their own way (it's expensive, but it can be done--see Kristin Hersh), there's no need for a $50,000 photo session or for any of that nonsense. What used to be dropped on catering and limos can pay for the recording of a dozen or more songs and whatever else you need to get them out to the fans.

Also, that whole MySpace thing--someone needs to get poor Nina onto something else.

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