Friday, August 19, 2011

Love and Rockets Express Covers

One of the greatest albums of the 1980s, for sure.

Love and Rockets Express is a wonderful album, full of twists and turns and stylistic choices that should have conquered the world. It would take a few more years for people to receive what it was they were transmitting. Nothing they were able to do tops Express, for me. I put this one on a pedestal for my own selfish reasons. I don't care about commercial success, ever. I care about the tracks.

Yin and Yang and An American Dream have always rotated through my playlists. Back in the cassette era, I don't know why, but I put this on one  side and Priest = Aura by the Church on the other. That was one of my favorite tapes, of course. No two albums could be more disparate and similar in quality at the same time--the perfect combination for a long-playing cassette tape of high quality. Since we don't consume music in that format anymore, it really drives home how much I miss listening to these two albums back to back on a long drive.

This one has the tracks that will break your heart. A suite of songs that are all monumentally important for understanding that the 1980s were not a decade of flops and vacuous synthesizers. The music that was good rarely got a chance to appear in the record bins of the major stores. To find this album, and the stunning singles that went with it meant browsing the import bins, of course. The American version of this album was different than the European release, I believe. What a shame.

Love and Rockets emerged from the ruins of Bauhaus and several other bands. They took their name from a comic book by the Hernandez brothers. Oh, sure. They had a great run. But this is the album that cemented their legacy.

The cover art is, of course, perfect. The rest of the package (this is the re-release for the world market) contains the essential B-sides and some of the original art and packaging. This version does not veer too much from the version I had way back when.

Find it, buy it, and enjoy it forever.

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