Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ann Kirsten Kennis Wins

I hope her settlement was fair and I hope this allows Kennis (her married name is now Benschop) to achieve some sort of closure with regards to this matter.

When I saw the image, I have to admit--it's a stunning photo of a very lovely woman. It has a wonderful "vintage" look to it and it made for an amazing album cover. But it did use the image of a person without their permission, and the legalities of this case are byzantine enough already. I hope whoever "stole" this image and misrepresented the ownership of it is punished.

Kennis posed for the shot ages ago, 1983 to be exact. And she is still lovely:

Kennis gave a full accounting of her modeling career to Vanity Fair, and her work was stunning:

Anyway, here's to the courts--and here's to closure.

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