Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cowboy Racer Yellow Horse

Marijne van der Vlugt in "Yellow Horse"
Cowboy Racer's Yellow Horse video popped up on my radar and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Marijne is so vastly underappreciated that I can't stand it. With her in Cowboy Racer is Mike Mason and in the Live band - Mark Easter, Tricia Davies Nearn, Yosuke Shinokubo. Their shows must be amazing.

Here is the video.

Please SUPPORT these artists and pay actual money for their actual product so that they can have nice lives and make more music. In case anyone didn't explain this, that's how it works. You give money to an artist, you get something wonderful from them, and then they can live and make more wonderful stuff. Forget that whole "but if I download their music off of the Internet and don't pay for it, they're actually going to get super rich by making their record company pay for their next promotional tour." Buy directly from the artist, go see them if you can, and support them as if the Internet didn't even exist.

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