Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Church Pangaea EP Covers

This beautiful packaging comes from a collaboration between Tiare Helberg (a significant recording artist in her own right) and Rachel Gutek at Has it been two years since I picked this up in Annapolis, Maryland, just before the Church put on a masterful show? What memories. If you're going to support live music, please, if you can. Always budget in an extra twenty or thirty dollars, if not more, that you can spend at the door on merchandise for the artist. That goes a long way to keeping them on the road in comfort and it goes a lot further for the artist, I would hope, in placing money in their pockets for the music they have made.

I have added to my list of links, and I hope to be able to study more of what they have put out. Rachel Gutek has done some masterful work.

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