Monday, June 27, 2011

A note about MP3 files

I cannot ever see myself posting MP3 files, so I apologize if you clicked over and came looking for a quick download. I don't mind telling you that the two sides of that whole argument are fairly well stated elsewhere, and I don't need to revisit the debate. Yes, stealing is wrong. Downloading MP3s that are not lossless in order to "sample" music helps improve sales. I get all of that.

For numerous reasons, I debated using scans of other people's artwork. My intention is not to "rob" them or deny them anything. I think that by scanning and commenting on what people have done, I am providing context and getting some fair use out of what they have done (and I think praise and giving people credit is vitally important). Where I can, I will always try to cite and list who does what and why I think it's important to note what's going on with this site. Comments are wonderful and lovely and all that, and I will respond quickly to any concerns, ethical or artistic or otherwise.

I think that the overall intention was to find the things that relate to music and marketing and put them in one place and give them a good airing out. The spark was the inspiration of the song and the single "The Killing Moon" and continuing from there has brought enormous success to this site--more than I ever would have imagined. I have to take a deep breath and thank everyone for coming. It's been a great run and I'm excited about adding more stuff.

I have to branch out and begin incorporating fashion and video and other kinds of commentary and content. My own recollections are just not complete enough and my own CD collection isn't complete by any stretch of the imagination. Every day, my collection ages and I am not adding titles. I just don't buy music anymore, and that troubles me a great deal. I say on one hand to support the artists but, on the other hand, I just don't have the bug to expand what it is I have. I am hoping to find a reason to start buying music again. That's the toughest part of this blog--admitting that I just can't get excited about new artists.

Ideally, this would be a group blog and it would be a project for a community. Until that happens (and I doubt that it will go that far), I have to note the success I've had and declare fully my intention to try to improve and do better by the stuff that's already sitting in the archives. It's time for more context, more design, and more of what really interests me, which is the history of trying to get people to pay money for something they haven't heard based on the packaging that it comes in. I am hoping that this will lead me to find new artists and support them.

That's why I have to add this disclaimer--the actual, physical music made by the artists isn't going to appear in the posts. It isn't going to be made available on this blog or on a downloading service--you need to support the artists and go buy their music. I think it's interesting to look at the design, the art, and the marketing of music, but the actual product is something that has to be acquired through a method that actually supports the artist and lets them continue to do what they're doing. Give the artists your money. Support them however you can.

The music business has changed so dramatically in the last few years. I do not want to be a party to anything that denies badly needed compensation to artists who make music. I just don't believe in that sort of thing. By the same token, I can't continue to tell people to support musical artists without actually supporting them myself.

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