Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Stone Roses Promotional Photo at the Eiffel Tower

The Stone Roses
I scanned this out of the anniversary digipack that the Stone Roses put out for their debut (which is one way of starting an argument since you could make the case that Garage Flower was their true debut).

In any event, I haven't been able to branch out much with the blog because I'm establishing several different things right now. I want to be able to add more posts about style, fashion, marketing and things like this, or "promotional photos" that bands have to suffer through in order to get their names into magazines and the like.

This sort of photo shoot looks like there was more than adequate preparation beforehand. It's well lit and the Stone Roses are clowning around in all of their Indie glory. This is exactly the sort of shot that would accompany an interview or a blurb about their latest release in a music magazine article. They're dressed in that Englishman About Town look, jackets and traveling clothes. The Stone Roses were no clotheshorse band and they rarely had any money (until Geffen Records decided to dump several million pounds on them). This is a very authentic sort of look and wouldn't alienate their fans like posing in top hats, tuxedoes and with canes under their arms would.

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