Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dead Can Dance Cover Art

In and of themselves, the various releases by Dead Can Dance each constitute a major artistic achievement on many fronts, not just in music but also in art and design. There is an incredible amount of thought and consideration that goes into each release. This is where craft upstages commercialism and amateurism every time.

A Passage in Time is a compilation album, and this is a fitting place to start a discussion about how you write about the art used on a release. The record label 4AD has always been at the forefront of using fine art to market music. The amount of design consideration and the artistic references have always set 4AD apart. You could do an entire blog about their work, and I'm sure there are already four or five that do.

If delve into Dead Can Dance, be prepared to experience awe on a grand scale. Writing about it is well beyond my capabilities.

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